How to Start a Blog or Website using WordPress

I’m Eric–a husband, father and high-school teacher who happens to love WordPress. And I find satisfaction in showing folks how to start a blog or website using WordPress.

How to Start a Blog - I will help you for free!

I create free WordPress tutorials and demystify the process of starting your own blog or website, helping you keep your money where it belongs–in your own pocket.

If I can do it, you can do it.

Not only that, I will take the journey with you and help you start your WordPress blog or website, completely free of charge. 

Don't be afraid to start your own blog!“Panic at the thought of doing a thing is a challenge to do it.” 

~Henry S. Haskins

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My boring WordPress tips and Free WordPress Tutorials help you learn the intricacies of WordPress. Understanding WordPress ensures you’ll be able to start and maintain your own blog or website–on your own.

Do You Have to Have Technical Skills?

Anyone can start a WordPress blog or website. Just watch my video on how to start a blog using WordPress, and you’ll have your own functional website in just an hour or two.

It really is that easy.

Hey . . . I Want a Website, Not a Blog

Don’t get hung up on the difference between a blog and a website. They’re essentially the same thing. The only difference is how you display your content.

Learning WordPress is the key. WordPress allows you to run any kind of website you want. A small business website. An author’s blog. A teacher website. An eCommerce website.

What makes my WordPress tutorials different?

My free WordPress tutorials cover every step in the process of how to start a WordPress blog or website. I explain all steps and include clear visuals so there’s no confusion.

I’m a teacher by trade and I’ve been teaching for 12 years. Explaining things in a concise, easy-to-understand manner is what I do.

And if you do get stuck?

I will help you. Completely free of charge.

I was in dire straits. In one week, I would be attending a business seminar and I had to have a working website in place. And I was completely clueless, a bit frightened, not motivated in any way. Except that I had to do it. And then I stumbled upon My Boring Channel. I clicked it and instantly Eric was telling me, in his dry, funny way, how to easily follow his very detailed instructions and set up an amazing website. His video tutorial on how to make a blog is one hour. I took it step by step, over a period of a few days, and I followed every step. And guess what? I am now the proud owner of a website that does everything I had hoped and more! And this is just my first week! I know that I can come back and watch over tutorials, I can email Eric – and he responds patiently and kindly to my very kindergarten-level questions — and I will only improve! And this is his gift to all of us.

How Much Will My WordPress Blog Cost?

How to Start a Blog - CostFor less than the price of a quad latte at Starbucks, you can start your own website or blog. You can always start a free blog, but keep in mind that you will not:

  • have your own domain name
  • be able to modify the code
  • be able to have an e-commerce website
  • be able to avoid ads being placed on your site
  • be able to customize your site (you will have access to a limited number of themes / layouts)
  • and you will not truly know how to make a blog!

Free is nice, but free is limited.

Free blogs do have advantages. For example, you don’t have to worry about backing up your website. You don’t have to update plugins or themes. And you don’t have to pay. So, free blogs are great for those that just want to share information in a basic fashion with no additional headaches.

But if you’re here, you probably want to start a no-limits blog (or website) that will be your own online space. No rules. No limitations. No ads. And that will cost a few bucks per month (just a few).

What Do I Need to Get Started?

You need to decide a few things before you create your WordPress blog or website.

How to Start a Blog - Checklist Item 1You need a domain name

Think carefully about your domain name. This is your identity. Try to use keywords in your domain name for better SEO (search engine optimization). Keep your domain name simple and catchy, so that people will remember it. Would you remember Probably not. You’d be more likely to remember something short and memorable, like You’ll notice that I don’t use “WordPress” or “blog” in my domain name ( I should have.

Tip: Domain age makes a big difference in SEO (search engine optimization). You can get a jump-start on your competition by searching out unused domain names that haven’t been updated in years and offering to buy them.

Choose a registrar that provides low-cost privacy protection. Privacy protection is essential. Your blog or website address can be looked up by anyone (try it now: go to and type in my domain — You’ll see lots of information, but not my personal information like my address, name or phone number. Why? Because I have privacy protection on my domain name. Privacy protection often doubles the price of your domain name. At this time, I recommend Namecheap.

This recommendation may change.

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How to Start a Blog - Checklist Item 2You need a web host for your blog

You need a reliable web host to host your blog. Not all web hosts are created equal. Some are ridiculously expensive.  We can avoid that.  Some are ridiculously cheap and offer unlimited everything (there is no such thing as a free lunch).  And some offer a nice balance in the middle.

I’ve had WordPress blogs and websites since 1998. I’ve tried multiple web hosts. I have been unhappy with all of them for one reason or another.

Inmotion, however, has given me very little to complain about. I use them for this website/blog (and for all my websites). They offer reliable service, use high quality equipment (Dell SSDs even for shared hosting), provide excellent technical support (24 / 7 via phone, email or chat), have the most extensive support database I’ve seen — they’re a very solid web host.

They’re great for beginners too! 

They offer a one-click WordPress installation feature during sign-up so you don’t even have to worry about installing WordPress yourself. They have a 90-day money-back guarantee — one of the best guarantees in the industry.

Avoid relying on the “web host review sites.” They don’t use all the services they review (how could they?) so that invalidates most of their reviews right there.

But the real problem? They’re affiliates for every single company they’re reviewing. They don’t care which host you choose, as long as you click their affiliate link to sign up. Then they get paid.

I only recommend what I use.

How to Start a Blog - Checklist Item 3You need to learn how to use WordPress

This is how My Boring Channel is different. Every detail about how to start a blog is included in my video. Everything. And remember, I’m a teacher. I explain things for a living. I’m good at it.

After watching my video on how to start a blog you will have your own domain name, a reliable web host, you’ll know how to point your domain’s nameservers to your web host, you’ll know how install WordPress, and, most importantly, you’ll know how to use WordPress to start your very own blog or website.


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Free Support for You

Free Support for Your WordPress Blog or WebsiteI will help anyone start a WordPress blog or website, but for those who have purchased hosting from Inmotion, I provide additional supports.

Not only will you gain the valuable knowledge of how to start a blog or website with WordPress, I’ll also take care of setting it all up for you!

  • free installation of WordPress
  • free installation of the theme of your choice
  • free installation and setup of JetPack
  • free installation and setup of W3 Total Cache
  • free installation and setup of UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration
  • free contact form setup
  • free “about us” page setup (will set up the page, not write it for you!)

So–Ready to Start Your Blog?

If you are ready to start a blog or website of your own, set aside a short block of time and start watching my WordPress video tutorial.

You can do it. I can help.