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fields of faithToday I’m starting a new series. Each week I’m going to feature a new site built on WordPress. What’s the point? The point is that I want my readers to comprehend the depth and flexibility that is WordPress. If you me to feature your WordPress website, contact me.

Fields of Faith

The first site I’m going to feature is called Fields of Faith. Remember, this series isn’t necessarily about promoting any one website (although Fields of Faith does some pretty cool things), it’s about showing people what WordPress is capable of.

The theme used is Salient, a very cool theme from the very cool folks at themeforest (I haven’t actually met them, but their themes are pretty sweet).  It’s a premium theme, meaning it’ll cost you a bit of money if you want to use it.

I love the parallax effect (the main image scrolls at a different speed than the rest of the page, creating a perception of depth). The different sections of each page are set apart with a different color block, providing a bit of visual variety. Everything is easy and clear to find. The website is fully responsive, meaning that it will look beautiful on any size screen, from a mobile phone to a large desktop monitor.

Fields of Faith is a part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, an organization that’s been around since 1954. In the school where I teach, FCA is a strong and vibrant community of athletes and coaches serving the school in a variety of ways. Take some time to check them out.

Thanks for reading my first installment of Websites Built with WordPress, a series focused on showing everyone a variety of websites and blogs built with WordPress. Want your site featured? Contact me.

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