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Free WordPress Tutorials – A Video Series for 2015

Free WordPress Tutorials for Any Skill Level

I’m straight-up going altogether, wholly, utterly insane. I’m sincerely losing my mind. I’m going crazy because nobody’s listening to me. I’m going to stop patronizing you and Google and everyone else. It’s time to tell you the straight truth without any sales-speak.

I’m tired of trying to sell myself to everyone. To Google. To potential customers. To my friends. I don’t understand why people don’t realize the benefit I’m offering. I shouldn’t even have to explain myself more than once.

Listen. This website should be getting millions of views. I should be a millionaire already. It hasn’t happened yet, but it will. I’m telling you it will. Watch and wait and see. You’ll see.

Here’s the deal.

I offer some things nobody else offers. What things?

Free support. I offer free support. That’s one thing. Hello! McFly!

Did anyone hear that? Let me explain.

For folks starting out, folks trying to start their own website, trying to learn about WordPress, html, SEO, PHP, databases, hosting, domains, DNS, nameservers, caching, CDNs . . . y’all can stop. You found me. I can help you.

And in my real life, I’m a high-school math teacher. Explaining things is what I do.

My support for you comes in the form of free WordPress tutorials (YouTube videos — fresh tutorials made in the summer of 2015) as well as personalized support via email. Click here to see, specifically, what I offer for free.

You can make your own website, with my help, regardless of your skill level. Believe it. You can do it.

Does it take some work? Yes. Do you have to study a tad? Yes. Do you have to engage a little bit? Yes. Do you have to be devoted to the process? Yes.

As with anything worthwhile, you have to be committed. If you are, and you’re serious about starting your own website and saving thousands of dollars, then you can make your own website. And it’ll be easier than you think.

Want to learn with me? If yes, then

you should subscribe.

So, on to the free WordPress tutorials.

By the way, if you watch them, you can make this site right here. But please keep in mind that if you watch my WordPress video tutorials and pay attention to the concepts I’m teaching, you will be able to make any website you want.

In other words, I don’t just show you how to make this website. I explain how WordPress works. When finished, you will be able to create a site much different than the one I demonstrate in my tutorials.

You’ll understand how to get a domain name and pitfalls to watch out for. You’ll learn the importance of privacy protection and how to get it for yourself. You’ll be able to find a high-quality web host for a great price. You’ll understand how to find, install and customize themes, upload and align images and create sweet image galleries, write pages and posts, including an effective “about us” page, use the WordPress Customizer, find and install quality WordPress plugins . . .

It’s kind of like learning how to use Microsoft Word or some other pretty basic computer program. It works in a similar way. You just have to learn what button does what.

And let’s not forget, if you have questions, you can ask me and I’ll help you. I can’t fix everything for everyone, but who offers free support? Who? Nobody in their right mind. That’s who.

OK. Now onto the free WordPress tutorials.

Free WordPress Video Tutorials for 2015

Video #1 – I will teach you how to get a domain name

This tutorial is the first in my series of free WordPress tutorials for 2015.

Getting a domain name isn’t hard but there are some pitfalls to watch out for. Be sure to choose a domain name that’s memorable but not too long.

Also, choose a registrar that offers free or very low-cost privacy protection. Is privacy protection really that important? Yes. Yes. (That’s called the principle of the double-knock.) Be sure to get privacy protection or everyone in the world will be able to see your personal information including your home address and phone number.

If you need additional help, I can do that. Just contact me and tell me what you need.

Video #2 – I will help you find a web host.

This is the second video in my series of free WordPress tutorials for 2015 and it walks you right through the process of signing up for a web host. All the necessary information is included for you to get started.

I have a hosting company that I recommend. I host all my own websites with them. Benefit from my experience and get a web host worth working with. Not all web hosts are created equal. Just try searching Google for “hosting nightmares” or some other similar search. You’ll see what I mean.

I have a plethora of information on web hosting. Check out the following free videos and articles that explain what I think about some web hosts and why I’ve chosen Inmotion as my host.

If you use the company I recommend, you help me out (kinda like how I’m helping you out with these free WordPress tutorials).

So please use Inmotion Hosting (via the links on this page) to purchase your hosting.

Video #3 – I will show you how to install WordPress plugins.

This video tutorial is detailed and to the point. If you don’t understand what WordPress plugins are and why they’re so amazingly important and irresistible (and how to install and activate them), then you owe it to yourself to watch my third videos in my series on how to make a professional website using WordPress.

Video #4 – I will teach you how to find a good theme and then how to install it. 

Remember, not all WordPress themes are created equal. If you get a lousy theme, then at best, your theme will be shoddily coded. At worst, your theme could be malicious, including hidden code that benefits the author.

Watch my video on how to choose and install high-quality WordPress themes. I show you how to find a well-coded theme and then how to install it–step by step.

Video #5 – I will demonstrate the process of making pages and posts in WordPress.

Writing pages and posts is essential to running a WordPress website. In this video I show you how to create a home page, how to use different templates, how to create an “about us” page and a blog page, and how to create posts.

I meant to talk about creating a “contact us” page in this video, but I ran out of time the day I was creating this particular tutorial.

I also spend some time discussing featured posts, SEO, custom menus, categories and other important aspects of creating a WordPress website, so this is one video tutorial you don’t want to miss.

Video #6 – I will explain how to use the WordPress Customizer and the benefits of doing so.

The WordPress Customizer is something people either love or hate. I happen to love it. The folks creating themes for WordPress, well, a lot of them hate it. The folks behind WordPress have basically forced theme developers to move their theme options into the Customizer. So now said developers must radically change their theme’s code and figure out how to get all their theme options operational from the Customizer.

For end users though, this is great. It allows us to know where the theme options are, all the time. We don’t have to hunt and search. Not only that, when using the WordPress Customizer, users see the changes occur on their website or blog in real-time. Be sure to watch my video to see it in action.

Video #7 – I will show you how to work with images and image galleries in WordPress.

One of my favorite aspects of WordPress is the ability to be able to showcase my photographs. WordPress is an amazing tool for creating superior and amazing photography websites.

But working with images and image galleries is not simply about creating a photography website.

Using images effectively helps you communicate your message, capture your readers’ attention and reduce your bounce rate.

In this video tutorial, the seventh in my free WordPress tutorials for 2015, I show you how to upload images, align images on your pages and posts, resize images, work with featured images, work with images galleries (using the very cool tiled galleries module in Jetpack), how and why to add alternative text (alt text) . . . just watch the video to see all the good stuff.

Video #8 – I will teach you how to customize the WordPress sidebar.

Customizing the WordPress sidebar takes just a few minutes. And it’s important. The sidebar is a premium place to get your main message out to your readers. That’s how I like to use it. Check out my sidebar on this site. You’ll see what I want you to see, right away.

And that’s exactly what you should use a sidebar for–to strengthen and make more clear your message to your readers.

More Free WordPress Tutorials Coming Soon

As I write this, I’m contemplating my next video. It should be out within a few days. It will be a tutorial on Jetpack or a tutorial on Yoast’s SEO plugin and how to use it to improve your website’s SEO.

If you haven’t already, you should watch my older video on how to improve your WordPress blog’s (or website’s) SEO. It’ll get you started on the right road until my next video comes out. And don’t forget to do a search for the term, “I hate my web host” and see how it ranks.

More Free Stuff to Help You Grow Your WordPress Website

If you’ve started a WordPress website or blog, you’ll no doubt want it to show up in Google (and other search engine) search rankings. Right?

I can help you with that.

Simply submit your well-put-together WordPress website to me, and I’ll feature it on my blog. This gives you a completely free, quality back-link without any effort.

This is another one of those things that makes me completely lose my sanity. I offer this can’t-say-no deal to folks, but not many people respond. I can’t figure out why.

It’s not like I’m creating a link farm or something silly like that. I’m offering to write up a legitimate article about your website to help you improve your website’s search ranking and give you some exposure.

Why would I do that?

I subscribe to the basic tenet that if we help one another, we all benefit. I help you. You help me. So how does this help me? In at least a couple ways.

  1. I get free content to help keep my blog fresh. You submit your site and I all of a sudden have something to write about. As I continue to write about high-quality websites built with WordPress and build a comprehensive showcase of WordPress’s eye-opening capabilities, my own site will become more authoritative. That will make my back-links to your site that much more effective.
  2. I get to legitimately help someone on their road to online success and I hope that in the process I’ll be remembered. Folks can write a review for me, they can link back to me, they can tell their friends on Facebook and Twitter (or even–GASP!–in real life) about what I do.

Help Me By Sharing

Help me share my free WordPress tutorials with anyone you know who might be interested in building their own website.

And remind them that I offer free support.

How Can I Do All This for Free?

It’s simple. If you buy the hosting for your website from Inmotion Hosting, the web host I use for all my websites, I get a commission. And that’s how I can offer all this for free.

It’s a lot of work for me but it’s ridiculously easy for you.

And, if you purchase your web hosting from Inmotion via my link, not only will you help me out, you’ll also get Inmotion’s best discount that they offer–anywhere.

Why My WordPress Tutorials Are Better

Look around. You’ll find lots of free WordPress tutorials. But how do you determine which ones are high quality and which ones aren’t? You have to experiment. Try them out.

You’ll find that the majority of free WordPress tutorials are:

  1. designed to give you a cookie-cutter website,
  2. difficult to follow,
  3. poorly planned,
  4. incomplete,
  5. and, most often, out-dated.

My tutorials teach you, in detail, how WordPress works. They are simple to follow and flow in a logical fashion (after all, I am a teacher). And they’re current (at least for now).

Find WordPress Tutorials that Are Up-To-Date

Most free WordPress tutorials on YouTube (or Vimeo or wherever) are out-dated. Be sure to look at the dates the tutorials were produced. If they’re over a year old, you probably shouldn’t use them. Move on and look for something else.

WordPress is constantly changing. Every few weeks WordPress is updated. If you’re using old tutorials (especially any over one year old), you’ll find that the screencasts you’re seeing just don’t look like the version of WordPress you’re using. And that can be confusing.

These tutorials that I’m recommending are (drumroll, please) . . . up to date! That’s right. I just made them this summer.

Unfortunately, they won’t be up-to-date forever. Then it’ll be time to make some new ones. Unfortunately, with school starting in about a week, the rate at which I produce new tutorials will be slowing down.

Now Is Your Time

With a free WordPress course at your fingertips and a guy who’s willing to help you through the process of building your first WordPress website (or blog), now is the time to start.

You can build it. I can help.

The letters M and B and C tilted sideways 90%. There are dots in the B to resemble eyes and the C looks like a big mouth.

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