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GladBooks - Websites Built With WordPress

Websites built with WordPress take on a variety of shapes and sizes, from small business websites like GladBooks to massive Fortune 500 company websites. This series demonstrates the adaptability of WordPress and its ease of use for anyone, even beginners like Becky (okay, Becky is my sister so I can give her a hard time).

Becky, as a freelance editor,¬†wanted (and needed) a website. I encouraged her to use WordPress, which she was already familiar with, as she had used the WordPress-hosted version¬†for some time for her personal blog. So she dived right in (with a bit of help from her little brother). If you’re interested in how to make a free blog using WordPress, be sure to check out my detailed tutorial – How to Make a Free Blog.

She perused a variety of different WordPress themes, finally settling on Modest by Elegant Themes. She wanted something simplistic and clean, yet eye-catching. The dynamic image slider on top of the clean white background fit the bill perfectly. She added a few of her own images and her WordPress website was up and running in a matter of a couple hours. Nice work Becky!

If you’re in need of any editing work for your Christian content, be sure to check out GladBooks and give Becky a jingle.

Free Support for Your Blog

As always, I offer free support for your WordPress blog. So be sure to check out my videos, purchase your web hosting from Inmotion and then contact me if you run into any difficulties. I will be more than happy to help.

One thing I’d ask though. Try to avoid asking me basic questions like, “How do I upload images?” or “How do I make a link?” as those basics are all covered in my tutorials. I won’t build your site for you but I will help.

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