How to Find a Good Quality WordPress Theme

A Good Quality WordPress Theme Is Easy to Find!

Here’s a very simple method for discovering very high-quality, very well-coded WordPress themes.

Visit the theme directory.

Browse through the 369 (at the time of this writing) themes and pick one. Too easy? I agree.

But before I go on and give you even more options for finding well-coded themes by WordPress experts, let me tell you why I like the directory so much. Themes are Quality Themes

If the folks at WordPress allow a theme to be listed in their directory, it’s because the theme has been thoroughly tested and has passed with flying colors. Every theme in that directory is guaranteed to be a good quality WordPress theme.

When searching for themes (especially free ones), there’s always the possibility of finding a theme that looks pretty and flashy on the outside but is, in reality, poorly coded and perhaps even malicious. But every theme in the directory is well-coded by a WordPress expert and the folks at WordPress validate that fact by including the theme in their directory.

While the above method works pretty flawlessly, only having 369 themes (with 202 of them being 100% free) to choose from seems a bit limiting.

I say that a bit tongue-in-cheek, because 369 themes is a lot of themes. A few years back, we wouldn’t have dreamed that the average person could create an insanely high-quality, professional website without any knowledge of website-building whatsoever.

Find Even More Good Quality WordPress Themes

If you want even more guaranteed good themes, try this.

Check out a theme in the directory. Find the theme author and visit that author’s website. Guess what? You’ve just found an additional treasure-trove of high-quality themes.

A good quality WordPress theme - Gateway by Rescue Themes.

How can I be sure? The folks at WordPress don’t include themes in their directory from authors they don’t like. Period. So you can be fairly certain that other themes (themes not in the directory) created by the same authors that WordPress has endorsed are going to be cut from the same cloth.

I’ve now taken the guesswork out of deciding if a free (or premium, for that matter) WordPress theme is well-polished or filled with error-filled, bloated or even malicious code.

Now I’m not saying that all other themes are error-filled or bloated or malicious. What I am saying is that you won’t find any of those crappy themes using the method I’ve outlined above.

Even More WordPress Themes

Are there other really great WordPress themes that you’ll never see by utilizing the method I’m talking about? Of course.

But by following the simple guidelines described above, you’re almost certain to find a superior theme (free or premium) coded by a trusted WordPress guru.

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