How to Add Pages and Posts to a WordPress Website

How to Add Pages and Posts

If you have a WordPress website, writing pages and posts is something you obviously have to understand. A WordPress website is awesome to have, but if we don’t know how to add pages or posts, then what’s the point?

In my latest video (which is admittedly a bit long) I demonstrate how to add pages and posts to your WordPress website (or blog).

I discuss how to create a home page and set it up properly (using the very beautiful Gateway theme),  as well as how to create a blog post page and an “about us” page. I meant to demonstrate how to create a contact page as well, but apparently I forgot to do so. It’s quite an easy task using Jetpack and I will cover it in my soon-to-be-released Jetpack configuration video.

In the video I also demonstrate how to set up your permalinks. This is important if you want to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) and if you want to have “pretty” permalinks. Permalinks are your urls. WordPress, by default, uses “ugly” permalinks.

But by setting up your permalinks properly, you can utilize keywords and make them pretty.

A few additional points are covered in the video. I explain:

  • what makes an “about us” page effective,
  • how to use the WordPress editor (it’s kind of like using a word processing program),
  • how to set up menus in WordPress,
  • the difference between using a static page or a posts page for your homepage,
  • how to use different page templates, and
  • how to categorize posts (and why you should do it).

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