Good Web Hosting – Make a WordPress Website Video #2

How to Find Good Web Hosting

In this video, I show you how to find a good web host.

I make three essential points.

  1. Not all web hosts are created equal. Believe that.
  2. I only recommend the web host that I use.
  3. You can get over 50% off if you use my link.

Check out the video to get a little extrapolation on those main points, and how to get a visual step-by-step walk-through of signing up for a web host and installing WordPress–all in one simple procedure.

By the end of this video, you’ll have your own fully functioning WordPress website.

The next video (coming in a few days), will show you how to set up a brand new WordPress website, including how to install my must-have plugins.

Essential Reading on Web Hosting

I’ve written a few articles I think you’ll find useful. The first one is a little humorous yet eye-opening. It demonstrates that there really is no such thing as “unlimited.” Unfortunately, almost all web host claim to offer something unlimited (bandwidth, storage space, etc.). It isn’t true.

You want the truth about web hosting? Here it is. I contacted three of the “big boys” of web hosting via their chat services, and here’s what I found. The chats are nearly in their original state, with a few corrections for the sake of readability. My conclusion follows.

I wrote another article on how to choose the best web host. Is there really a best one? How can you know? Many folks write what seem to be quality web hosting reviews but the reviews are nothing but a smokescreen for affiliate marketing. Such reviews are motivated (often but not always) by profit. Affiliate marketers don’t care which host you use–they just care that you use their links to navigate to your web host of choice. Then they make a profit.

Another article, posted on my friend’s website, explains how to choose a web host. There are some essential elements you must research before you make a choice.

Technical Support

Is it in-house or out-sourced? Are technicians available 24 hours a day? Are the technicians knowledgeable or are they reading out of a manual? Can you call them on the phone? Can you chat with them on the computer? Are the wait times reasonable?

Price vs. Quality

Is the host you’re considering like Wal-Mart? Do they offer a little bit of everything at a bargain-basement price while providing terrible service and quality? Or maybe they’re charging a lot more than everyone else (that doesn’t make them better). You need to find a web host with a good balance of price and quality.


A good web host should have

  • shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting solutions,
  • 24/7, in-house technical support with reasonable wait times,
  • updated equipment like solid-state drives for all hosting plans,
  • free website transfer,
  • a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee (how about 90 days?),
  • options for WordPress hosting,
  • a useable control interface like cpanel or Plesk,
  • and included email services.

If you didn’t see the links, here they are again.

Free Support for Your WordPress Blog

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I offer free support for your WordPress blog if you purchase your web hosting via my link.

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