How to Get a Domain Name – Make a WordPress Website Video #1

How to Get a Domain Name – New YouTube Video

Just recently I posted a video about how to get a domain name.

I make a few salient points and then demonstrate (via a screen recording), how to sign up with Namecheap, the registrar I use for all my domain names.

Watch the video now or continue reading . . .

Choose a Registrar With Low-Cost (Or Free) Privacy Protection.

I prefer Namecheap because they offer either free (for a year), or very low-cost privacy protection.

Is privacy protection really that big of a deal?

Yes it is. If you don’t get privacy protection, and you have a website, anyone can get your name, address, phone number and email address whenever they want to get it. Click this link to try it out for yourself. If you have a website without privacy protection, put in your own url, click Go and check out all your “private” information.

Why is it a problem? It’s a problem because website owners with exposed personal information are putting themselves at risk for unwanted spam, harassment, telemarketing and even identity theft.

Utilizing privacy protection for your domain prevents folks from seeing your personal information using the Whois Lookup tool.

For me, that’s a big deal. And it should be for you too.

Choose a Registrar With Good Customer Service / Technical Support

High quality customer service and technical support is not as important for your registrar as it is for your web host, but it’s still important.

You can chat with a technical representative any time, night or day, on any page of their website. You don’t have to wait a long time and that’s really nice.

Typically, if you’re working on your website and something goes terribly wrong and you need technical support desperately, you’re going to contact your web host, not your registrar. But there still may be times when you want to contact your registrar.

For example, it can be confusing when assigning your web host’s name servers to your domain name. That might be a reason to contact your registrar’s technical support. Then you’ll want responsive, knowledgeable service. You’ll get that with Namecheap.

Choose a Registrar Who Is Upfront About Costs

Namecheap explains all costs up front. Nothing is hidden. Many registrars hide pertinent information. For example, you might find a registrar offering a .com domain for $1 per year with free privacy protection. You don’t find out until the following year that your domain costs have gone up to $30 per year with $15 privacy protection.

Another thing to watch out for is up-selling. Some registrars are notorious for up-selling so aggressively that it’s difficult to buy a domain without getting ripped off somehow. A domain name purchase is purposely made confusing to encourage you to purchase items you don’t want or need. You’ll feel like you’ve been beat up by a vacuum cleaner salesman by the time you’re done. And your wallet will be a lot lighter than it should be/

You have to be extremely savvy when dealing with such registrars (I so want to name names but I’m feeling magnanimous tonight).

Namecheap doesn’t do that.


We work hard to provide unparalleled levels of service, security and support. We strive to offer intuitive products at the most competitive prices in the business. We never bombard our clients with unwanted upsells or in-your-face advertising. Our goal is to be honest, straightforward, friendly and helpful. And that’s all.


Remember not to pay much attention to the initial advertised fee when looking at different hosting plans. It’s the renewals that’ll empty your wallet.

These unscrupulous registrars are out there. Watch out for them. Or just go with a legitimate, honest company like Namecheap and avoid such hassles.

Don’T Use Your Web Host as Your Registrar (And Vice Versa)

Your web host is good at one thing. Web hosting. They’re not typically the best at being a registrar. In fact, they’re typically a reseller for another registrar (meaning higher prices for you). For quite some time I put all my eggs in one basket and used my web host as my registrar. But once I realized that I was over-paying by quite a lot (about $30 per year per domain name with privacy protection), I moved all my domains to Namecheap and saved a bundle.

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