How to Make a Free Website with WordPress – 2016

Thought I Died, Did You?

How to Make a Free Website - 2016

Sorry, I didn’t die. I’m still here. I’d like to be able to say that my New Year’s resolution is to blog once a week, every week, for the entirety of 2016. But I know I won’t so . . . c’est la vie. I’ve finally accepted that as a full-time teacher and father, part-time YouTube mogul and blogger, fitness expert and professional guitar player, that I simply don’t have time to blog every week. OK. I lied. I’m not a fitness expert or a professional guitar player, but the rest is true. Fine. So I’m not a YouTube mogul. But I do have a YouTube channel, and I have made a new video which I think you will love, fresh for 2016. It’s about how to make a free website with WordPress (yes, I said free).

WordPress Is Free. Free. Free. Free.

A lot of folks think WordPress really isn’t free. I made a similar video (on how to make a free website with WordPress) a few years back and many folks made comments that it wasn’t free. Either they didn’t really watch the video or they were just too stupid to figure it out. Here are comments from some of my brightest viewers.

  • is not free :p
  • stupid these is no making website
  • f&*!……not fre…shake a**
  • h8t ur voice for that u get a dislike
  • My Boring Channel??What The F&*%?
  • It isn’t free
  • its not free
  • it’s not free lol……..
  • you know what this website sucks why because it dosen’t WORK
  • it coast money
  • This website will give my money to?
  • i use weeby
  • Is This website really free or is there a hidden cost?
  • Is it really free?
  • It’s free right
  • Is this illegal in England
  • there is no virus with it??
  • do it works
  • is this illegal on america
  • You said it’s free stupid
  • this not a website this is a bloog
  • it costs money.. where is the free package then

Guess what folks? It’s free. 100% free. It has been for years and it still is. You can trust me or you can trust the folks leaving the comments above. Hopefully it’s not a difficult choice.

Of course you can pay for upgrades. WordPress has to make money somehow. So the free version is somewhat limited. And to overcome those limitations, WordPress tries to get users to purchase upgrades. So some folks might make the mistake (since they’re seeing prompts to buy something) of thinking that the website is not free. Wrong. The website that I show you how to make in this video is completely, totally, absolutely and really free. So please, for goodness’ sake, don’t ask me if it’s free or tell me that it isn’t free. It’s free.

OK. So there are some limitations to the free version of WordPress. I explain it all in the video, but I suppose I can write it here as well. Pros

First I’ll list the positive things about utilizing the free service that is

  • It is free. Did I say that already?
  • There is no maintenance whatsoever.
  • There are no security concerns whatsoever.
  • It looks professional (themes are professionally designed).
  • There are a variety of very cool free themes to choose from.
  • It’s great for bloggers, teachers, photographers . . .
  • It’s simple to learn (if you actually try to learn it).
  • You get to learn WordPress, a valuable skill in 2016. WordPress is the most popular website building software in the world and WordPress powers a large percentage of the web.
  • You’re able to leave the WordPress-hosted version ( for a self-hosted version ( without destroying your site (simply export it, install WordPress on your host’s servers and import it). You can’t do this with Wix, Weebly or any of the other free website offerings on the market. Cons

Now, the limitations.

  • Storage space is limited.
  • Customer service sucks (it’s free).
  • You can’t customize the stylesheet (theme customization is limited to what allows)
  • You can’t tweak the code to customize the site.
  • Upgrades are expensive.
  • There are occasional ads (on the posts).
  • You’re renting (so to speak) your site; you don’t really own it (e.g., your site can be removed if you violate their TOS).

Should YOU Use

So, if you use and build the free website that I demonstrate in my video, one of two things will happen. You’ll either be very pleased with your website and continue using it, completely free of charge, or you’ll tire of the limitations and want to upgrade. At that point, should you buy the upgrades? I say no.

The upgrades offered by the fine folks at WordPress are expensive. Domains are more expensive than normal (about double) and that’s the first upgrade that folks typically want. They think, “I’ll just get this one upgrade. I know it’s a little expensive, but it’s all I really need to have a really professional website.” But then they realize (down the road) that they’re running out of space (unlikely, but it could happen) and then they think, “Well, I’ll just get the space upgrade.” But then they’ll want to customize the site more, and they’ll start thinking about purchasing the custom CSS upgrade. Then they’ll just say screw it and buy the entire premium package for about $100 per year.

Now that’s not a terrible deal, as the premium plan offers email support (not direct chat or phone support), a custom domain (yay), 13 gigs of space (as opposed to 3 on the free plan), no ads and advanced customization options (you get to edit your stylesheet — woohoo).

But then, down the road, folks will start wishing they had the capability to implement eCommerce on their site. That’ll be an extra $200 per year for a grand total of $300 per year folks! Thank you!

I’d say thanks but no thanks.

Am I saying that you shouldn’t try the free version of WordPress? Am I saying that this free website is a waste of time and energy? No.

You most definitely should try the free version of WordPress. Learn how it works. Make a free website that looks amazingly professional. See if you’re happy with what you get. A lot of folks are. But if, over time, you’re not happy with the limitations, and you want to upgrade, what should you do?

You should get your own web host for about $3-5 per month. Then you should buy your own domain for about $10 per year. That’s a grand total of $46-70 per year. And guess what? Your website will have no limitations whatsoever.

If you go the route described above, you’ll own your website. You can say and do what you want with it. You won’t have ads. You’ll have unlimited storage. You’ll be able to implement eCommerce whenever you’d like. You’ll have 24/7 technical support. You can customize your site to your heart’s content. You can change the stylesheet or any other file on your site that you want to change. It’s all yours and you can mess it up in any way you feel fit. And you get all that for a lot less than $300 per year.

Not only that, but you don’t even have to use WordPress if you get your own web host and domain name. You can use any website-building software you want or even code your own site from the ground up. The options are limitless.

Why WordPress Is Better than the Others

Now, to expand upon what I said earlier, if you start with the and go the completely free route (that’s what I’m going to show you in this video), you’ll be able to upgrade to a self-hosted website without destroying your site and starting over. This is not true with any of the other free website offerings.

Wix, Weebly and the rest of them are like WordPress in that they offer you the ability to have a completely free website with optional upgrades; however, you cannot leave them without completely restarting your website. They are closed systems.

Here’s an example. You start a website with Wix. Later you realize you’re tired of the limitations of the free version. You want to upgrade but as you start to add up all the costs, you realize you’re paying a significant premium over having your own domain name and web host. However, you can’t leave Wix and keep your site intact. The code is proprietary to Wix. You’re stuck inside their closed system. You have to pay the price for their upgrades if you want to keep your site (which you worked really hard on for a long time) intact. If you decide to leave the Wix ecosystem, you have to start over–from the ground up.

WordPress is different. You can start with the free version of WordPress. You have access to the WordPress software and access to free hosting. Then, if you decide to leave and get web hosting and your own domain name, you can do it because WordPress offers its software for free. You can simply grab a copy of the free WordPress software (from, install it on your web host’s servers, import your website, and you’re up and running.

Not only that, but WordPress is the most popular website-building software in the world, powering over 20% of the web.

So, my endorsement for a free website-building solution goes to WordPress.

Anyway, enough rambling. Watch my video on how to make a free website with WordPress. It’s completely brand new and fresh for 2016.

I’m a teacher and I explain it all in explicit detail.

And, if you have questions, I’m here to help you.

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