Inbox Translation – Websites Built With WordPress

Inbox Translation – Websites Built With WordPress

Inbox Translation - Websites Built with WordPressSo, here we are again. This time, we have something much different. Yes, indeed.

Wait . . . what are we doing here?

Oh yes, this is a series about websites that are built upon WordPress, the most popular and fantastical website platform ever invented (so say the millions who utilize it).

What’s so great about it?  Well, it’s free. It’s highly customizable. You don’t have to know html. You don’t have to be technically-minded at all. You can be a complete and utter website idiot and still you’ll be able to learn WordPress, especially if you use my tutorials! Keep in mind that new tutorials will be added now and again, so subscribing to my YouTube channel might be useful.

Let’s check out today’s featured WordPress website, Inbox Translation.

Mini-Interview With Flo, Co-Founder, Inbox Translation

1) What theme are you using?

When we started the redesign of Inbox Translation’s website (September 2013) we had a quick look to see whether there were any templates that would fit our business needs. Since we couldn’t find anything appropriate we decided to go the bespoke route so we commissioned a web designer to do the work and then a web developer to turn it into the template. We decided to use the Genesis framework because of the features it has and because it is used by very high profile people who know how search engines or WordPress work (like Matt Cutts or Joost de Valk).

2) What are your favorite plugins?

There are a few plugins I’d definitely recommend to use if possible: Redirection, TinyMCE Advanced, Usernoise, WordPress SEO, W3 Total Cache, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP), Shareaholic and Broken Link Checker.

3) What is the history of your site?

The website was initially created for a school project which later on turned into a full-time business. It was created on WordPress from the beginning but the new theme was custom-made to better represent the brand image and to meet our visitors’ needs better. It took about six months from the initial discussion with designer to the development into what you see today. On top of that, we spent about one month discussing how to organize the website layout so that  the navigation is logical, clear and hierarchical, while reducing the clicks a visitor would need in order to reach the desired page (ideally no more then 3-4 clicks away from the homepage).

4) What is the coolest thing about WordPress?

What I like most about WordPress is that is really easy to use, the admin dashboard is user-friendly and you have access to lots of plugins which extend the functionality of WordPress.

Flo Bejgu

My Thoughts On Inbox Translation

Inbox Translation is a site that offers translation, interpretation and proofreading services for a variety of languages. Looking at it from a WordPress point of view, Inbox Translation stands out from the crowd. Why? Because it uses a custom theme. While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of free and premium WordPress themes available, sometimes a need still exists for a custom theme. If you have a custom theme developed (or if you develop one yourself), you know your site will be unique and have the features you want.

Having a custom theme created probably isn’t the solution for most as it can be ridiculously expensive. I didn’t ask Flo what they spent on their theme, but I can guess it wasn’t cheap.

My favorite things about the Inbox Translation website are:

  • simplistic yet striking design
  • obviously well thought-out navigation scheme
  • clarity (design and function)
  • speed

I don’t talk a lot about design in my tutorials but I find that most people tend to over-do it, especially beginners, and sometimes even so-called experts. They want as many fancy-looking, eye-catching “wow” moments as possible. It reminds me of a singer who over-uses complex runs. A designer should think about the user experience – whether a design element is essential or not. Make your WordPress website (or blog) simple and easy to use — simple but visually striking. Inbox Translation achieves a very good balance between clarity and visual impact.

WordPress Plugins – A Couple More Thoughts

I am not familiar with all the plugins used by Inbox Translation, but I am familiar with some of them.

WordPress SEO is installed on all my WordPress blogs and websites. Not only does it improve your site’s content for improved SEO (search engine optimization) benefits, but it teaches the user how to do it on their own. I’m writing pages and blog posts that are highly optimized now without even trying!

W3 Total Cache is, for me, the most essential plugin for all my WordPress sites. Without some form of caching, your WordPress blog or website will drag a little. It’s just how it is. Your site’s speed will increase dramatically if you use this plugin.

I also use Redirection on a few of my sites. I use it for one in particular that I switched from a static html website to a WordPress website. I had to change the urls, but with Redirection, my users didn’t even notice.

Free Support for Your WordPress Website

As always, I offer free support for your WordPress website. I give priority to those who have watched my tutorials and who have bought their web hosting from Inmotion Hosting.

I offer some free services for those who purchase their hosting from Inmotion.

  • free installation of WordPress
  • free installation of the theme of your choice
  • free installation and setup of JetPack
  • free installation and setup of W3 Total Cache
  • free installation and setup of UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration
  • free contact form setup
  • free “about us” page setup (will set up the page, not write it for you!)

I look forward to hearing from you and, if you want your WordPress website featured, contact me right away!

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