Is Managed WordPress Hosting Worth It?

Is managed WordPress hosting worth it?Is Managed WordPress Hosting Worth It?

Why would someone pay $99 for just a few WordPress installs and limited bandwidth and traffic allowances? There are web hosts out there offering unlimited bandwidth and storage space for only a few dollars per month!

The answer? Because managed WordPress hosting is worth it. That’s why.

update: Having tried managed hosting, I’ve now come to the conclusion that I don’t need them and their services are way over-priced.

Completely hassle-free

Managed WordPress hosting is just that — managed. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to worry about caching plugins, site downtime, security, updates, back-ups . . . none of that. Your web host manages all that for you and your site just runs.

But it’s expensive. Too expensive for me.

Your website will be fast

Managed WordPress hosting is designed for WordPress blogs and websites. These folks are WordPress experts. Caching plugins are disallowed because all caching (database, page and object caching) is handled by the host. No more messing around with complicated caching plugins.

But keep in mind that you can make your WordPress site just as fast with a VPS from a reputable company like Inmotion Hosting.

Your search engine ranks will improve

Search engines reward websites that load fast.

You’ll retain more site visitors

People may not like your blog or website and they may not stick around. But if your site loads fast, they’ll be more likely to stick around. These days, nobody (and I mean nobody) wants to wait for a website to load. They might wait a few seconds, but if the icon keeps spinning, they’ll keep moving (away from your site).

You’ll avoid headaches and time-consuming troubleshooting

This is a big one. I’ve used shared hosting for years. And I still use shared hosting for many of my less-visited WordPress blogs or websites. But shared hosting is just that — shared. You share the server that houses your WordPress blog or website with hundreds, if not thousands, of other websites. If one of those websites has a traffic spike or other resource-consuming issue, your site load times will suffer. In fact, your blog or website might even go offline for a while.

You will experience problems with shared hosting eventually:

  • downtime
  • unexplained site slow-downs
  • surprise emails from your web host stating you need to reduce your CPU usage (which usually results in excessive time-consuming troubleshooting to alleviate your CPU usage; I’ve worked on websites for hours attempting to alleviate CPU usage problems)

These problems will be exacerbated if you experience a significant traffic spike.

But why does ____ company offer unlimited bandwidth, storage space, and WordPress installs for only a few dollars per month?

It’s a marketing ploy. Is anything really unlimited? Why do hard drives have a storage limitation right on the box? Because they’re limited. If you have a two-terabyte drive, you will be able to put about two terabytes of information on that drive. No more. Are drink refills really unlimited? Of course not. No restaurant owner will let you refill your soda glass forever. It’s not reality.

In the same way, web hosts realize that most customers signing up for shared hosting are not serious about having a real online presence. Most folks run small personal blogs or business websites that get little to no traffic. And the web hosts know this. So they offer unlimited bandwidth and storage space to draw people in.

But it’s a myth.

As soon as you start to get significant traffic, your site will be shut down. Don’t believe that? Go to Google and do a search for “HostGator shut me down.” See? And that’s just one company. Any company offering shared hosting is really offering limited plans.

And if you still don’t believe me, check out the VPS (Virtual Private Server) offerings from the same hosts that offer unlimited shared hosting plans. The VPS plans’ bandwidth and storage space limitations are stated clearly but they cost about five times as much. Huh? It’s because the web hosts know that individuals or companies interested in VPS or dedicated hosting are planning to have a real online presence. So they prepare accordingly.

So, Is Managed WordPress Hosting Worth It for You?

Managed WordPress hosting is worth it for you if:

  • you are serious about building an online presence
  • you expect a significant amount of traffic
  • you want your website to be fast
  • you want to be rewarded by search engines
  • you want to maximize your ability to retain your online visitors
  • you are not interested in dealing with technical issues
  • you are willing to accept the limitations that come with managed WordPress hosting (limited plugins, limited bandwidth, limited storage space)
  • you are willing to spend significantly more money than for shared hosting

Shared hosting is not irrelevant and is perfect for you if:

  • you don’t expect to have a massive online presence
  • you are running a small business website or personal blog
  • you are OK with sharing your resources with other blogs and websites (and understand the cons of such sharing — occasional downtime, unexplained site slow-downs)
  • you like hearing “unlimited bandwidth” and “unlimited storage” (even though you now know that such offerings are mythical)

My Web Host Recommendations

Shared Hosting

Inmotion Hosting is the host I recommend for shared hosting. I’ve used them for years. Their customer service is “best in class” as far as I’m concerned. They use SSDs for all their hosting, even their shared hosting. That means blazing fast hardware. And you get over 50% if you use my link.

Managed Hosting

WP Engine is the undisputed leader in WordPress managed hosting. If you’re ready to take your WordPress blog or website to the next level, WP Engine is your ticket. However, I think they’re simply way too expensive.

Free Support for Your WordPress Blog or Website

As always, I offer free support to you for your WordPress blog or website. Just contact me and I’ll help you out if I’m able.


  1. Great post. Informative and thought provoking.

    1. gplus-profile-picture

      Thanks Andy. Much appreciated. Just migrated one of my bigger sites over to WP Engine today. I thought it would be harder than it was. Took about 3 hours. DNS propagation was super-fast too. I’ve contacted support about five times now (in the past six hours). Quick, spot-on answers. So far, so good.


  2. This is by far the most insightful discussion I have ever been in to so far to date on managed wp hosting, def I will revise my priorities on again.

    1. gplus-profile-picture

      I see you represent a company that provides managed hosting. What are your thoughts on the issue? I don’t see prices on your website. How do you compare to WP Engine? Thanks!


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