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This Is Nouman – This Week’s Featured WordPress Website

How to Make a Blog - Websites Built with WordPressWhat do I like about This Is Nouman? Lots, actually. My favorite thing is that I helped Nouman (just a little) get started with his site. And in return, he wrote a very nice testimonial for me. Thank you, Nouman! Helping one another is what it’s all about, after all. Right?

So why not build your own WordPress website? And I’ll help you out.

What’s So Great About Websites Built With WordPress?

Websites built with WordPress, are, well, phenomenal and sublime. The best thing is that anyone, even someone with very little knowledge of computers or coding or html or php or css or any of those things, can build one! That’s right. Even me. I’ve had no boring website-building classes. No formal training. No instructor pissing me off telling me what to do. I just sat down and figured it out. And so can you. And because of all my tinkering, now you have an easy way to build your site — just watch my tutorials and get building.

Nouman’s Thoughts on WordPress

I asked Nouman why he built his website with WordPress. Here’s what he said.

I picked WordPress because I was short on time and I didn’t have the time to code day and night since I’m also a student. I wanted something simple — choose theme, add content, done. I chose my theme (Avada) since it is cross-device compatible (mobile or desktop) and also because the finish was very clean and professional. The coolest thing about WordPress is probably the ease of use. You don’t need to know a thing about html or css to jump right in. I don’t use a whole lot of plugins, just a few like Akismet and Jetpack.

Well said, Nouman. Well said.

What I Like About This Is Nouman

I really like Nouman’s WordPress website. It’s clean. It’s professional. It’s easy to navigate. I love his theme, Avada. The monstrous slider on the front page catches my eye right away. Everything about it screams professional! It looks like the guy who built this site really knew what the heck he was doing. But the thing is, Nouman didn’t know what the heck he was doing. But once he realized how simple WordPress really is, he knew he could do it.


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You can build your own WordPress blog or website.

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