Quality Web Hosting — How to Find It

Quality Web Hosting — Does It Exist?

Quality Web Hosting - it's harder to find than you might think!It sure does. But it’s hard to find.  And I’m going to show you how to find it. No more relying on those “web host review” websites that don’t give a crap about the web hosts they’re promoting. No more sifting through the lies while searching for the elusive truth.

Why Can’t The Review Websites Be Trusted?

You can’t trust the “web host review” websites because they promote low-quality web hosts. Period. They often purposely mislead customers into buying web hosting from companies that provide an extremely low-quality service.

Why Would They Do That?

Money. Web hosts (I’m trying not to name specific hosts but it’s hard for me to be polite) pay pretty significant commissions to their salespeople (affiliates). They offer seemingly amazing deals to their customers.  Unlimited bandwidth.  Unlimited storage.  Unlimited everything.  And that, to the uninitiated, sounds like high quality web hosting.  And people fall for the deception. Millions of people. And millions of people means means mega-millions of dollars.

How Do I Find Quality Web Hosting Then?

Finding quality web hosting is easy, thanks to an amazing website I discovered.  That website is hostingreviews.io. Steven Gliebe (@HostReviewsIO) grew tired of the deception running rampant on the web. So he created an affiliate-free website that displays tweets from real people, in nearly real time.  The idea is to collect tweets that mention web hosts. The tweet is then displayed as a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” The web hosts are then ranked based on their numbers of positive and negative tweets.

The categories are:

  • well above average
  • above average
  • average
  • below average
  • far below average

It is amazing to see web hosts that are typically in the top ten of these so-called web host review websites ranking as “far below average.”  It’s about time someone figured out how to get the truth to the masses.

I love this website and will be telling everyone about it. You should too.

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