Rules for Capitalizing Titles Made Easy

Do You Know All the Rules for Capitalizing Titles?

I often think I remember the rules for capitalizing titles, but then as I start writing a new title, I realize that I can’t remember.

I think, Wait. Am I supposed to capitalize all verbs? I can’t recall if I’m supposed to capitalize “am.” Or “if.” I just can’t remember!

I think we’ve all been there (or maybe I’m just weird).

If you’re a writer, and you produce regular content, and you use WordPress, well, your title capitalization struggles are over. I just discovered a very cool plugin which will help me look like I know all the rules for capitalizing titles.

It’s called Title Capitalization for WordPress. You can’t find this plugin by using the normal avenues (Plugins –> Add New –> Search). You have to visit the plugin page then download the zip file to your computer.

Rules for capitalizing titles - screenshot of WordPress plugin

Once you’ve downloaded the zip file to  your computer, then you can go to Plugins –> Add New –> Upload Plugins then browse to the file ( and upload it. Once you have done so, activate it and the plugin will take care of the rest for you. There is absolutely no configuration needed.

Simply create a new post, and don’t even worry about capitalizing the title. Click Save Draft and watch your title. It will automagically be capitalized properly. No more remembering that you have to capitalize the first and last words of all titles, all nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, subordinating conjunctions . . . now you don’t have to remember anything.

Yes, there are various styles that are applied to title capitalization and each is slightly different.

Some say you should capitalize the words as you would in a normal sentence. Some call this “sentence style.”

There is the style approved by the Associated Press, which says to capitalize all principle words, the first and last words in the title and all words longer than three letters.

The Chicago Manual of Style is similar to the Associated Press style but doesn’t required that all words over three letters be capitalized.

Some folks capitalize every word in the entire title. Other styles exist as well. So then a couple of questions arise.

What style does this plugin adhere to?

Based on what I’ve seen thus far, I’d guess this plugin uses the AP or Chicago styles. It would be quite handy if the plugin allowed users to choose a style and have that particular style applied to all titles, but I doubt most users are that picky about their titles.

Is this plugin really useful if users can’t choose their preferred style? 

Since various styles exist, the most important thing is to choose one style and stick with it. Inconsistency makes you look bad. This plugin will rid you of inconsistency.

Give it a shot. I love it.

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