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This Lupus Life – This Week’s Featured WordPress Site

This Lupus Life - How to Make a Blog using WordPressWordPress, the world’s most superior website-building platform, is available to everyone. You can use this dynamic software for free (with minor limitations), or you can pay a modest price (less than a Starbucks) per month and use it without limitations.

This series, Websites Built with WordPress, demonstrates the awesome power and flexibility of WordPress. Each week I plan on featuring a new WordPress website, to demonstrate to my readers what this software can do for you.

Contact me if you want your own WordPress blog or website featured here on my site. vs.

Today’s featured site in my series, Websites Built with WordPress, is a completely free WordPress blog hosted at It’s called This Lupus Life.

I haven’t featured a WordPress-hosted ( site before. But when Jessica emailed me and asked me to feature her site, I thought why not? WordPress-hosted websites are 100% free and easy to build. They’re not just cost-free, but worry-free as well. Plugins, backups, security, hosting, domain names . . . forget about all that! WordPress takes care of it all.

Remember, there are two flavors of WordPress. Today we’re talking about the free, WordPress-hosted version. It’s a great way to start learning WordPress and some may never even feel a need to upgrade to the self-hosted version (

This Lupus Life WordPress Blog

Jessica’s goal is to use her experience to be a support for, or, if needed, an evangelist life-coach personality for young people experiencing difficulties with chronic, invisible or mental health issues. She doesn’t claim to be a medically trained professional, rather, she aims to be a side support.

Jessica, what is the coolest thing about WordPress for you?

I originally started my blog on another platform but it was difficult to navigate and use. I found I could not promote it easily or access like-minded bloggers. When I decided to move to WordPress I was scared, but it was so incredibly easy I was blown away. The process from “Go” to “Whoa, I’m published!” was so easy and organic that I felt confident enough to keep going. I love that I’m reminded to tag and categorize and don’t have to worry about SEO or plugins.

What theme are you using for This Lupus Life?

The theme for This Lupus Life is Yoko by Elmastudio. It is simplistic and easy to navigate. I dislike clutter and tire very easily if the imagery is overpowering. The header image is one of my photographs of a dandelion that is an intentional representation of how I see myself. It’s one happy occurrence in nature, alone but not lonely, standing out and making everything seem a little brighter, a little more positive and cheerful. It’s not an extravagant flower as I am not a fussy person.

What is the history of this site?

I began writing a blog between 5-10 years ago very erratically. I started because I loved to write and people often asked me to relate my life as I seemed to notice and experience interesting things, especially with my Lupus. As I have been in and out of illness the need to document has become more prevalent. I have connected with many communities of like-minded bloggers in which we all support each other by sharing our stories. The past year has been a staggered ascent to improve my site and currently I am in the early stages of taking my blog to a more professional level. I hope to use This Lupus Life to initiate my profile as a public figure for creating open dialogues for young people who experience difficulties with illness and need help to understand how to move forward in times of difficulty, relapse and every moment in between.

My Thoughts on This Lupus Life

One thing I love about writing this series is meeting such dynamic people. Jessica motivates me to do more and to do it better. Thank you Jessica for your compassion for others!

Of course, my focus is on WordPress and its flexibility. For those folks who need a completely free website solution, fits the bill. It looks professional because it uses professionally designed themes. There is, basically, nothing for the user to do except learn the WordPress interface. And that’s fairly easy. In fact, I have a tutorial on how to make a free WordPress blog. Watch it here.

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Remember, this website is about showing you (and everyone) how to make a blog using WordPress. You can do it. I can help.

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