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TravelVidya – WordPress Website Made w/ Customizr

TravelVidya - Websites Made With WordPressRajat contacted me recently to tell me he used my tutorial to make his website — TravelVidya. I was impressed. His website looks amazing . . . and it doesn’t look like it was made by a beginner.

You can do the same thing.

Take a moment to check out Rajat’s testimonial, for which I’m very grateful.

Before I Start . . . Want Your WordPress Website Featured?

That’s right. If you have a website built on WordPress, whether or not it was inspired by my tutorials, I will be happy to feature it on my blog. I won’t feature sites that are pornographic in nature, or sites that are obviously not ready for production.

Now, About TravelVidya . . .

Rajat asked me a couple questions on his WordPress site which I was a bit slow to answer. So he figured out the answers himself. He started out with the Stargazer theme (this site’s theme)  which I like very much (except for Justin Tadlock’s refusal to assist anyone with it unless they pay a subscription fee — even for buggy elements). He found that it wasn’t flexible enough for him, so he switched to the Customizr theme, a highly-customizable, fully responsive, very full-featured free WordPress theme. I typically don’t recommend it for beginners because it’s fairly complex and it takes some time to fully uncover all its goodies.

Rajat’s implementation of the main slider is effective. I like the dynamic images he chose. The slider really makes me think wow as soon as I look at the site. The circular “hover” effects on the post previews (main page) are eye-catching as well. The site just feels nice when I look at it.  It’s well-balanced and visually appealing. The mobile viewing experience is smooth as well.  It looks very nice on my iphone 5s.

Another nice visual element is the gallery Rajat uses to display his photos. I’m not sure if the gallery he’s using is included with the Customizr theme or if he installed a plugin. Maybe he’ll let us know! I like the simplistic, intuitive control in the gallery and the way the images really stand out against the black background. And the gallery works just as well on my iphone as it does on my large desktop monitor.

I like the “subscribe” box in the footer and I like the Twitter feed in the footer as well. Hey! Why not follow Rajat on Twitter? And don’t forget to subscribe to his site.

WordPress continues to amaze me with its flexibility. It’s capable of running a mass production website, a small business website or just a personal blog or website. And with so many thousands of highly customizable free themes out there, not one WordPress website or blog looks like another. And it costs about as much as a cup of coffee to run it each month.

But even more amazing than WordPress are the people who design it and use it. I’m continually impressed when folks new to WordPress or websites can create a site as visually appealing at TravelVidya.  Nice work, Rajat.

Free Support for Your WordPress Blog

As always, if you’ve watched my videos, signed up with Inmotion and need my help, let me know.  I’ll help you for free.  I suppose that even if you haven’t watched my videos or signed up with Inmotion I’ll still help you. I just might be a little less patient! 😉


  1. Thank you Eric for reviewing my site, I appreciate it!

    For a student, one of the best compliments is when the teacher likes your work and I’m thankful to you for your support through your lovely Video.

    I chose Customizr theme for the similar reasons you mentioned here but honestly I was able to take that big risk because of the clarity I got from your Video. It is important to get the basics right, what each pluggin, post and other features do, how to make good use of them and how we need to add more features through plugins. Because of my strong basic understanding which I got from your Video, I was confident that I’ll be able to make this theme work for me. Customizr theme is certainly not for beginners and If anyone likes that, I suggest to learn the basics completely before getting into it.

    For Gallery images, I used the Plugin – Responsive Light box, which improves the display on both desktop and mobile devices. There are still lot of things which can be done on the site still and I’ll keep evolving as time permits. But, long story short, it is important to understand and get the basics right and then move on with experiments.

    Thank you once again, Stay connected!


    Thanks, Rajat

    1. gplus-profile-picture

      You are most welcome! Thank you again for the positive review! And spread the word.


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