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Websites Built with WordPress - truthsaves.orgIn my endless quest for unique websites built with WordPress, I stumbled upon What an amazing WordPress website! It has over 500 pages, is fast, slick-looking and ranks well in search engines. For those of you who say that WordPress is for blogs only, I say think again. This site is no blog. Truthsaves is a full-fledged website. And a pretty big one at that.

Remember, I don’t promote websites; I just describe them. I’m interested in WordPress. I want to know what WordPress is capable of. Seeing gives me confidence that WordPress is quite capable of handling a large website.

The owner of truthsaves (Alan) has worked hard on making sure it loads fast. On it scores a 92/100 for its performance grade. On it scores an A (93%) for its page speed grade. On, it scores a 94/100 for its PageSpeed score. This site is fast. Really fast. I suppose it’s not overly impressive considering there are few images on the site, but the site does not use a CDN and has quite a large database so I think the speed scores are surprisingly good.

I asked Alan what plugins he uses. He wrote back with the following list and gave a little reasoning behind the use of each one:

I asked him, “Isn’t that a lot of plugins?”

Yes. But each one does a task for me that is essential. Some of the site speed plugins I could delete and it probably wouldn’t make much difference but the rest are each very much needed. More important than any though is W3 Total Cache. Without it, loading times suffer considerably. Another very necessary element, while not a plugin, is APC (Alternative PHP Cache). APC, properly configured on the server, can increase a website’s speed dramatically.

Alan used the twenty twelve theme, which typically looks like this. The site is dramatically modified. The corners are rounded, the menu is modified, and the footer is modified (to be three columns instead of two). These are just a few of the many modifications that have been made to the theme.

Take a few minutes to visit and see if you’re as impressed as I am. Good work Alan. Thank you very much for allowing me to feature your site in my Websites Built With WordPress series.

Want Your WordPress Website Featured?

If you want a free, quality link to your WordPress website, I’m happy to feature your site. I will not feature pornographic or hate-oriented websites. My favorite thing to do is feature WordPress websites made by beginners who have watched my tutorials. However, that is not a requirement.

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As always, I’m offering free support for your WordPress website. I don’t know how to do everything. I don’t do a lot with e-commerce for example. Top priority goes to those who have purchased web hosting through Inmotion, the web host that I promote and use. This site is proudly hosted by Inmotion Hosting!

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