Websites Built With WordPress

Websites Built With WordPress

websites built with WordPress - How to Make a Blog Why Are Websites Built With WordPress?

Because WordPress is awesome.

Check out these Websites Built with WordPress.

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Not only do I want folks to be able to make their own WordPress blog (or website), I want to convince everyone, from every corner of the globe, that WordPress is one of the world’s best platforms upon which to build your website or blog! It’s amazing for novices (as any one of the folks who have watched my videos can attest to) and is also a powerful tool for experts. Many fortune 500 companies use WordPress to power their sites! Don’t believe me? Check out this page and see for yourself. Websites built with WordPress are, well, easy to build, very functional, fun to look at, appropriate for almost any possible application, and very professional. What more could you ask for? For once, you don’t get what you pay for (WordPress is free, folks).

So whether you’re a complete noob that doesn’t know anything about building a website with WordPress (or anything about the Internet at all) or a seasoned website-designing expert, WordPress can facilitate your path toward building a stunning professional blog or website.

Why Do I Think WordPress is Great for Noobs?

The reason I love WordPress so much is because I started out knowing nothing about building a blog or website. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero. And I have never taken any classes or read any books on the subject. I simply installed WordPress and with a bit of help from Google and Youtube, I started making WordPress blogs and websites. And I discovered just how easy it really is! So even if you’re a complete website-building know-nothing like I was, you can use WordPress to create your own dope blog or website.

How Many WordPress Websites Are There?

So, just how many websites are built with WordPress? Hundreds? No. Thousands? No. Millions? Yes. Probably like 100 million, and that says something about the quality and flexibility of the platform. So it’s going to be a little difficult for me to decide which WordPress sites to feature each week. But I’m going to try. So stay tuned for some amazing and spectacular WordPress blogs and websites. In fact, why don’t you just subscribe to my blog?

Want YOUR WordPress Website Featured?

Guess what? If you have a high-quality website built with WordPress, I’ll feature it right here on my own blog. Check out the other sites I’ve featured. 

You’ll get a free, high-quality link (and who doesn’t like quality backlinks to improve SEO?) and I’ll get some great content to add to my blog.

And you can always link back to me if you’d like (but it’s not necessary of course).

That’s what this site is all about. Helping each other.

Free Support for Your WordPress Blog

As always, I offer free support for those who’ve watched my videos and signed up for hosting with Inmotion. Heck, I’ll even help you if you haven’t watched my videos or signed up with Inmotion. I just might not be quite as patient!

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