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WordPress SEO Made EasyWordPress SEO is not easy. In fact, it’s a very complicated scenario we could spend hours, days or even weeks studying. But if you don’t have the time to keep up with the fortune 500 companies and their web marketing budgets, never fear. There are a few easy things you can still do improve your WordPress SEO and get better Google rankings.

WordPress SEO – First Steps

The first thing you should do is watch the video I posted yesterday on YouTube. It’s short (about ten minutes) and gives visual guidance on improving your WordPress SEO.

The second thing you should do is install Yoast’s SEO plugin for WordPress. Go to your WordPress dashboard, then click on “plugins” then click on “add new.”  Do a search for “WordPress SEO” and the Yoast plugin will come up near the top (look for SEO WordPress by Yoast).  Install it!

Now that you’ve got Yoast’s amazing WordPress SEO plugin, you’re all set to go.

The reason I love this plugin is because, while it does the heavy lifting in terms of adding the correct code to your website to improve your SEO, but because it teaches while it works. After a while, making your posts and pages SEO-friendly becomes more natural and you rely less on the plugin.

So, install Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin, watch the video, and watch your Google rankings improve.

One More Quick SEO Tip

Here’s one more tip (that I describe in the video as well). Most of us don’t have a massive marketing budget. So we do what we can. But competing with people who do this SEO stuff for a living every day is difficult, if not impossible. So be sure to choose a focus keyword for your page or post that is fairly unique. Don’t try to corner the market on phrases like “how to make a blog” or “web hosting reviews” because those focus keywords are highly competitive. You’ll be trying to out-SEO the big boys. It doesn’t usually work. So pick a focus keyword (or keyphrase) that is unique and less common, but something that people will still search for.

Free Support for Your Blog

If you’ve watched my videos, signed up with Inmotion, and are still having difficulties, I will help you. Even if you haven’t signed up with Inmotion or watched my videos, I’ll do my best to help you. Let me know how you’re stuck and I’ll see what I can do.


  1. I did a search in google for “I hate my web host” and you are number three. Looks like your methods actually work. Thanks so much for this information.

    1. gplus-profile-picture

      You’re welcome. I hadn’t looked that up recently. Awesome. I guess it really does work! 😉


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